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    The investors who are part of ESTA Real Estate are buying residential properties from private owners or from other investors. The properties (houses or apartments) are then refurbished, improved or otherwise modified and are subsequently rented out to private tenants.

    It is important to us that all parties involved (including the seller and the tenant) are winning in this process. This means - among other things - we buy for a fair price and we let for a fair price.

    Should you be interested in selling a property you own to us or should you be interested in renting from us, you can contact us by e-mail.

    The type of properties we are currently most interested in are houses in the greater Dublin area in need of refurbishment. Properties which others would describe as "ugly" or "hard to sell" are attractive to us if they have some development potential. In addition we can help if you need to close the sale quickly and if you need the money for your property fast.

    ESTA Real Estate is furthermore a community of like-minded investors and we therefore provide some information about legal and financial facts on our FAQ pages in the Resources section.


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